About Us

Amazing and relaxing setting at the end of the garden road, Addo African Home is a renovated farm from the beginning of the 20th century. It perfectly illustrates the junction between Khoi-san and colonial style magnified by the elegant French touch from Lolo.

Addo African Home aims to promote local cultures by giving a chance to local artists who can present their crafts or animate guests in traditional folkloric music. Discover their works and local confectionery makings at our shop. You will find also a range of organic products from food to body care. The shop offer all the needed for late arrivals to prepare some braai as well as lamb shops and boerewors from our local butchery and also local honeys and home made jams.

The environment is a big concern so we gave mother nature a helping hand; all our guests can enjoy organic toiletries and locally produced amenities as well as a natural swimming pool that attracts an incredible variety of birds and small mammals.
At Addo African Home we decided to stop using plastic bottle of water so mineral water is free of charge throughout the property if you fill up reusable glass bottle

Our organic vegetable garden invites guest for a little educational tour around the permaculture. You will meet with our beautiful chickens who turn the soil and make natural fertilizer.