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Fair Trade Tourism

ADDO AFRICAN HOME, under MOLO LOLO, is engaged in a fair, eco-friendly and sustainable business approach.

We respect the core values of environmental labels through our organization and everyday behaviour. We aim at respecting and protecting the environment as well as our employees and guests, while providing a great service and unique experience in our properties in Cape Town, Durbanville and Addo. MOLO LOLO truly cares about creating a friendly atmosphere, whether it is between managers and guests or managers and employees. We train our staff on an ongoing basis and offer opportunities for personal development and growth, we offer them cooking classes, housekeeping training and provide them with locally made (by local tailors) uniforms to give them a strong sense of identity and belonging to the MOLO LOLO family. We ensure that they feel right at work and encourage open and honest dialogue. We encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions in the day to day operation of the business.

We also want to help the community and act as responsibly as we can to ensure the fair development of local businesses. For example, we created partnerships to promote and support the growth of local businesses of craftsmen and artisans market in South Africa by showing their products in our Properties.

We also contracted with SME and small local businesses for all our renovations works done to our property, recently the ADDO AFRICAN HOME. We also developed partnerships with restaurants located in the townships to encourage people to go there and meet the local community. This is in line with our Vision to provide a cultural experience to our guests, so that they can truly get to enjoy the feeling of what it means to live in South Africa.

In line with our values, we recently joined the Red Zebra foundation. This association aims to create an inclusive, vibrant society where young people can fully engage in co-creating safer, healthier communities, using the methodology of creative expression, dance, music and open dialogue in a safe and trustful environment.

MOLO LOLO PTY. LTD. is engaged in responsible, fair and sustainable tourism. Offering accommodation in a responsible and sustainable manner means:

  • Offering accommodation which remains small and private and far from the larger touristic structures and by facilitating an environment enabling personal interactions and exchanges of cultural heritages with the local communities.
  • Welcoming guests in accommodation that is manned and cared for by the local community
  • Favouring and supporting the small local business community such as tour operators, tour guides, catering and artisans.
  • Promoting travelling with the respect of the communities, their cultures and their environments.
  • Offering financial support to development projects enterprised and managed by local organisations or communities by re-investing a portion of our turnover toward these project.

MOLO LOLO is committed to a fair and equitable compensation for its staff. Each individual working within our organisation receive ongoing training to ensure personal growth and development. (cooking, hygiene, recycling, hospitality…)

Our goal and motivation is to respect and protect the environment, respect and uphold the requirements of responsible tourism, welcome our guests honestly and offer them the best of the South African cultural experience.

We are also committed to work in association with uniquely local suppliers and partners of local products and services. 

We build partnerships with restaurants in Townships in order to encourage our guests to visit them in secure conditions to meet, discover and interact witth local communities.

Whether you choose ADDO AFRICAN HOME or MOLO LOLO for your stay, you will participate towards these initiave and allow us to do so much more… Become a building block in our plight to build a brighter future for the next South African generations.